Upright 8'H x 1.5" W

Upright 8'H x 1.5

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Standard sizes include 1.5″ diam. x 3′, 6′ and 8′ but additional sizes are available by request.  These uprights are positioned with 4 slots for drape support placement at the top of the upright every 90°, for uprights over 6′, and additional set of 4 slots is positioned at the 3′ height of the upright.

These Uprights pair with our screw in bases.  The Screw-In System Upright has a riveted threaded end at the bottom of the Pipe/Upright. This screws into a base to create one piece. Our standard Screw In Uprights come in fixed heights from 3ft. – 8ft.  The 8′ upright is our best seller and typically created the back wall or back wall of a booth while the 3′ upright created the side wall or wing of a trade show booth.

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