What Size Tent Should I Rent ?

When you're planning an event it is important to choose the correct tent for your occasion.Your tent is a great aesthetic for guest at your event.

Here are a few tips to consider when renting a tent:


Will this be on grass, black top, concrete? The surface on which your tent will be placed on is something to consider when renting a tent.

-Frame Tents have the capability of fitting in tight spaces and can be set up on concrete.

-Pole Tents are best on flat grassy areas.

How Much Space Will I Need ?

An Important factor is the amount of space that is available at your desired location. Always taking into consideration for tie down ropes and Walkways. Tent widths are 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 feet and up. Establishing the maximum width will help us determine the length of tent.

What Type Of Event Am I Having?

Wether you are throwing an upscale event or Backyard party, first Impressions are important.

Cocktail Parties:
Standing Only - 6 square feet per guest
Partial Seating - 8 square feet per guest

Rectangle Tables - 8 to 10 square feet per guest.

Formal Dinner:
Round Tables - 10 to 12 square feet per guest
Theater & Classroom Seating -10 square feet per guest

Aisle: Typically 3 feet times required length

How Many Guest Will Be Attending ?

Once you have determined the type of event you are having, calculating the amount of guest is always important. This helps to know how many square feet of covered space to allow for each guest. Multiplying the amount of square footage by the number of guest and the total will be the minimum square ft. needed inside the tent. Keep in mind extra square footage may be required for buffet tables, stages, dance floors and other items in tent.

What Are My Options?

Pop-up Tents are easy set up and used for farmers markets, vendor booths, and many other types of events where shade is required.

Pole Tents give great visual appeal yet have center poles that can be considered an obstruction to some.

Frame Tents can come in either high peak or Flat Tops with no center poles required.

Structure Tents are used for long term rentals and have the capability to withstand greater wind conditions. Lighting and draping can be installed in these beautiful tent structures.

Most of these tents have add on items such as side walls, Lighting, Climate Control, dance floors, and Staging.

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